Three steps to buy cosmetics

First step:Understand the management regulations for cosmetics

According to the current national regulations, cosmetics are divided into two categories: “general cosmetics” and “medicated cosmetics”:General cosmetics means that cosmetics only have products that moisturize or clean the hair and skin, conceal the appearance, or add fragrance, while the cosmetics containing the drugs have specific uses such as hair dyes, perm agents, and antiperspirant. Stinky and sunscreen, etc., and must be licensed by the Department of Health before they can be imported or manufactured.

Second step:Look carefully at the product information on the cosmetic packaging

Before buying, you should first check the product description of cosmetics, confirm whether it meets the labeling requirements of cosmetics, and ask more questions about unclear parts, so as to avoid purchasing products whose source is unknown, expired, or contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Third step:Do not listen to the marketing techniques and experience of exaggerating medical effects

Cosmetics are not medicines, they can't treat or prevent diseases, and common improper claims and excessive exaggeration can't be trusted.