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Product Description

Epidemic prevention and disinfection channel (necessary for epidemic prevention)

Light and removable, made entirely of stainless steel, it can be disinfected with zero contact!

★ Intelligent operation
★Ultraviolet sterilization
★ Automatic timing system
★ Automatically recognize body temperature
★ Automatic spray sterilization

Horizontal ultra-clean workbench
thing CB100S CB130S CB190S
Dimensions watt 1000 1300 1910
D Chapter 840 Chapter 840 Chapter 840
H 1480 1480 1480
Useful dimensions W1 900 1200 1800
D1 Chapter 580 Chapter 580 Chapter 580
H1 Chapter 580 Chapter 580 Chapter 580
Body structure 1.6t powder coated steel or 1.5t SUS stainless steel
High efficiency air filter feature Aluminum frame, filtration efficiency 99.99%, 0.3um
size 915×610 1220×610 1830×610
prefilter feature Aluminum frame, non-woven fabric, 22t
size 625×395-1 625×395-1 625×395-1
light up 14W×2 28W×2 28W×2
Blower 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 3/4 HP
Accessories Magnehelic pressure gauges, light switches, sockets,
fan motor switch
power supply AC1φ□110V□220V, 50/60Hz
Options Ionization rod

*Customized sizes and specifications can also be made according to customer requirements.