Taiwan's top products_New generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving injection machines (FA series)

In-mold labeling is a high-efficiency production technology that simplifies the complex traditional secondary processing process by placing beautifully printed labels in the mold in advance, and integrating the plastic raw materials and labels during injection molding. . Not only does it have high production efficiency and high product quality, it can also effectively reduce production costs and help protect the environment.

  • The linear slide rail of the injection base has light load, reduces wear, and the injection control is accurate and stable.
  • The servo injection fully closed circuit accurately controls the injection rate of each mold, the injection time stability is >99.9%, and the molded product weight stability is good.
  • The system pressure is increased, the injection manifold plate and the cylinder are integrated and optimized, the injection response speed is improved, and the product application range is expanded.
  • High-mixing screw improves the L/D ratio to meet the needs of high-injection products (models above 250 tons add D screw) (optional).
  • Modular specification selection, high-speed specifications are provided, and flexibility can meet the needs of industries such as food packaging and thin-walled containers.
  • Equipped with brake type electric motor, the mold adjustment position control is stable.
  • The inner distance between columns is increased, and the mold application flexibility is high.
  • The rigidity of the mold plate is increased by 30%, the deformation is lower, and the service life of the mold is extended.
  • The mold closing speed curve design is smoothed and the S-curve speed command is introduced to reduce machine vibration.