Voxeljet wax model 3D printer

The Multi-material 3D Printer

  • Extra large printing range
  • High degree of design freedom
  • Manufacturing agility


  • ✓Extra large printing range 1060X600X500 mm.
  • A 1000mm cube can be printed at a time, and if it is insufficient, it can be spliced.
  • ✓Suitable for medium-sized models, cores and small batch products.
  • ✓No support required, can be printed layer by layer.

voxeljet application scope

  • Large-scale prototyping
  • Special order or single series small batch production
  • Strengthen existing medium-sized product manufacturing processes

No high upfront costs are required, development and production times are shortened, and products can be brought to market quickly.

Clutch sand mold traditional mold opening
Compressor shell sand mold
Sand core manifold casting (left) Wax (right)
Structurally optimized castings
Manifold casting (left) Wax (right)
Maze model wax PMMA

Flexible use to meet your all-round needs

Equipment size
2,800 x 2,400 x 2,300mm
Print range
1,000 x 600 x 500mm


Equipment size
1,700 x 900 x 1,500mm
Print range


Equipment size
2,820 x 2,470 x 2,500 mm
Print range
1,280 x 680 x 500mm


Equipment size
2,500 x 4,900 x 2,700mm
Print range
2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000mm


Equipment size
19,000 x 9,300 x 4,300mm
Print range
4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000mm

All-in-one 3D printing equipment

The VX1000 is a rugged and widely used industrial 3D printing device. The ultra-large printing range of 1000 x 600 x 500 mm can process plastics, sand and ceramics, from medium-sized molds and cores for metal casting, to precision casting patterns and ceramic parts.

Adhesive jet printing technology

The printing process does not require heating, the product is not easily deformed, has high dimensional accuracy, and the material has high initial strength, making it suitable for the production and printing of thin-walled parts. During the process, unused residual powder can be recycled back into the production cycle, enabling high-performance parts and reducing material waste.

From concept to finished casting

From CAD data to finished castings, moldless production saves time and cost. Complex metal parts can be printed without printing support. The size exceeds 1000mm, and splicing and stacking methods can be used, bringing new possibilities for development design and function.

Flexible use to meet various needs

Overcomes the limitations of traditional manufacturing, such as complex objects such as undercuts, cavities or large cantilevered structures. High-efficiency production of prototypes and low-volume parts without high upfront costs can optimize the production process whether it is automotive or aerospace, heavy industry or design art.

Specification Table

Voxeljet Wax-up 3D Printer
model VX1000 VX500
Print range 1000x600x500mm 500x400x300mm
Material Sand, Anorganik, PMMA, Keramik Sand (Furan, Phenolic), PMMA,Ceramic
Equipment size 2800x2400x2300mm 2000x1820x2130mm
equipment weight 3500kg 1200kg
Installation space 11000x8000x2800m 7500x6500x2700mm
Resolution 600dpi
layer thickness 150/300 µm
technology Inkjet powder bonding technology